Psychodynamic Case Study: Thermodynamic Approach

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Dominika Klejny 83630111 In this case study I would like to present Mary which is 40 years old. She is a single lady and her son Paul was killed suddenly in car accident two months ago. Mary faced a significant trauma and coping very badly since tragic event. She is presenting fillings of guilt and shame around the situation, increasingly neglecting house duties and responsibilities in her life. She is preoccupied with memories of Paul, expressing anxiety, feelings of hopelessness and has intrusive visions of her son suffering through the accident as well as the nightmares at night. Also she is extremely angry with the father of the driver for giving his son a car that was not road worthy. This situation, crash and funeral need to go over…show more content…
Parkes (1996) has written that there is an optimal level of grieving for each individual and that it is important for those feelings to be allowed expression. The counsellor who used a psychodynamic approach mostly would perhaps be more swift to explore how earlier experiences of loss and hopelessness were affecting the current experience of loss and hopelessness. Hope inspiration seemed to be achieved more as a result of the presence of firm qualities in the counsellor and the application of such qualities, rather than as a result of refined techniques. Bereavement counselling for individuals experiencing a complicated grief reaction appears to require a particular interpersonal environment or atmosphere. Rogers (1952) is most noted for suggesting the necessary and sufficient conditions that make up such an interpersonal counselling environment. Roger’s theory and suggests that there may be another necessary and sufficient core condition in bereavement counselling, and that would be the core condition of hope. Just as counsellor using Roger’s person-centered approach to counselling would be concerned with demonstrating and communicating warmth, empathy, genuineness, and unconditional positive regard, the bereavement counsellors were similarly concerned with demonstrating and communicating hope and

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