Essay On Change Management

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1. Organizations all over the world are struggling to be successful in an increasingly competitive, complex, political, global and economic environment. In my opinion, there is no one best approach/theory to manage organizational change. When we are talking about managing change, it is important to make it clear in mind that people are the focal point in change management (Kotter, J. P.1996). It is essential to mention that organizations do not change; it is the members of the organizations that change. So we can say that the success or failure of an organization is dependant ultimately on the work done by individuals working for it. The effective change management requires an appreciation and understanding of individual to make a change successful…show more content…
Now I would like to discuss how a single best theory/model for organizational change management does not fulfill the requirements of effective change management. In the previous years, change management was considered as being the intangible procedures carried out by Human Resource Department. But during the last decade, change management is seen as a structured discipline that is essential prerequisite for every successful business. A lot of research work has been conducted and theories of change management are presented. No theory is perfect to conduct efficient and effective organizational change management. But each theory has its limitations. Under-mentioned are amongst the one of the best world renowned theories on change management but they have their own precincts.
(a) Lewin’s Change Management Model. The most famous change management model is Kurt Lewin’s Change Management Model. In 1947, Lewin recognized that people used to do things within certain zone of safety. He presented three stages of change:-

(i) Unfreeze. Usually, people make resistance to change. So it is necessary to unfreeze their current state and thinking through motivation.

(ii) Transition. After the change program is initiated, the subject is into transition
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