The Importance Of Cognitive Development

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In a bid to understand the learning development of children, psychologists formulated various theories depending with their field of interests. This paper will primarily focus on the cognitive perspective of development of children. It will particularly focus on the cognitive perspective of development. To help one gain a clear perspective, the paper will first define cognitive development and elaborate its importance. It will then outline the rationales of the cognitive perspective of learning. To do this effectively, the paper will then analyze the stated rationales by including the major concepts. The discussion will conclude by elaborating the importance of this particular development towards early childhood education. Thereafter, it…show more content…
These skills are developed hierarchically from the moment a child is born. According to Jean Piaget, a Swiss biologist and psychologist, there are four main stages of cognitive learning in a child; sensorimotor stage, preoperational stage, concrete stage and formal stage. Regardless of the mental speed of a child, they must undergo all the four stages in order. He used deduced this theory by studying children and the rate at which they are able to make sense of the world around them. He used the age of the children as s key factor to deduce his theory, consequently develop the four stages. Rationality is one of the key concepts of cognitive learning that helps one understand how the various stages are related to each other. According to Zander, Brouwer, & Erp, (2015), there are three primary modes of research. These are aspirations as expressions of the self, multi-polarized identities and the cognition-development…show more content…
Understanding the rationales of cognitive perspective helps an individual to interact with children in a better way. It is very important for a child to develop a proper cognitive ability from a young age. By understanding the rationales of cognitive development, one is able to know what to expose the children to as they develop. Also, one knows how to advise the parents of the children on the various methods of handling their children. Once one acquires this skills they are able to distinguish the different types of children and know exactly how to handle each of them. Unlike adults who may be treated equally despite of their cognitive skills, children must be handled differently for them to become productive members of the
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