Theories Of Computer-Mediated Communication Theory

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Computer-Mediated Communication Theory. It can be simply defined as a transaction between two or more network computer like chartroom, emails, SNS (Social Networking Sites), text messages etc. This growing theory has been continually talked, debated and argued by many theorists and scholars concerning its scope and reach on vast fields in New Media (communicationtheory. org). Various definitions of CMC were provided from different studies and literature reviews. The collated definitions and views are as follows:
The developmental process of communication has made massive application of computer as its medium which has brought forward a huge contribution to people in their form of communication. People considered this type of quick communication
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Michel “Computer Mediated Communication: Literature Review of a New Context”, CMC came into existence in the 1970’s and researchers have used it as a tool to examine its effectiveness within organizational, interpersonal, and mass communication context (
Oni, Wale’s “A Survey of Fundamental Theories, Models and Perspectives on Computer-Mediated Communication” explored and gave the nature and scope of Computer Mediated Communication. A popular definition of CMC is pragmatically and in light of the fast growth of communication technologies, does not only refer to its forms, but describes it as a process by which people create, exchange, and perceive information using networked telecommunications systems. To further understand the concept of CMC it is described as:
…the transposition of ordinarily ephemeral conversation into the potentially persistent digital medium. Persistent conversations occur via instant messaging, text and voice chat, email, blogs, web boards, MOOs, graphical and 3D virtual environments, gaming systems, video sharing sites, document annotation systems, mobile phone texting,
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In fact, according to (, it has an average of three hundred-seventeen million monthly active users sending over threehundred and fifty thousand tweets per minute. Users in this site connect via computers or smart phones and in this way, people can easily make instant contact with each other. Technological advancement has made this possible and sharing information or even shopping and selling products online has become easy.
Generally speaking, CMC theory is significant in this study since it refers to those interactive activities, which are also applicable in Twitter. Hence, the languages being used have been greatly influenced, and this instance has greatly resulted to the expansion of the English vocabulary. Thus, studying English neologisms on Twitter is relevant based on the theory of Computer Mediated Communication.
Computer-Mediated Communication, which deals with the human communication through the use of electronic devices, is related to the second theory which accounts on the word- formation processes, thus, the Theory on Word-Formation by Yule is used to determine its word-formation
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