Theories Of Crime Analysis

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There are 5 named theories in the book. Each theory has its own reason why a specific person committed a crime. 1st there is the classical and neoclassical theories. This theory states that the crime was caused by one 's own will to do so. Next theory is the biological and trait theories. This theory states that a crime occurred because of lack of development or evolution. Following that theory this is the psychological theories. Which looks at the individual 's behaviors or physiological state. Then there is the social structure theory. This looks into the background of the individual and social structure. Lastly there is the conflict theories. These theories look into social and economic forces operating within society. Not all these theories are Unjust but the theory that seems to lack evidence is the biological and trait theories.
BIological and trait theories This theory tries to prove that criminals
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There are more factors that play a role into how a criminal is made. The only good evince with this theory is the extra Y chromosome but with that it isn 't guaranteed for them to be more aggressive and violent. If lets say the whole population with that extra Y chromosome was in jail then they could say that 's the reason but the fact that less than 2/3rd are in jail then it 's not a liable fact. I you look into the psychological theory then it could be proven over biological. It will look how being around that criminal will spark these actions. As a child you do what you grow up seeing. If you grow up in a hard neighborhood with all these crimes occurring then you will do it because it 's how you grow up. The surroundings would be the cause of why you became a criminal. Or you look at the social theory. Your family lives in a poor neighborhood and is struggling with money and the only way to get by is to sell drugs or go into a family gang. You are doing this because of social status not because your family made you
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