Theories Of Cultural Values

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The aims of this individual assignment are to understand the theories of consumer behavior and to know the different cultural values between countries. I would choose two countries cultural value to make a comparison which is Malaysia and United State of America.
Every country has different cultural values. Cultural value is widely believed that what is desirable. By regulating the behaviour of these values influence, this specifies that the acceptable range of response. Behaviour of a useful way to understand the cultural differences is to understand the values by different culture. For example, American sociologist Robert K. Merton suggested that American society is wealth, success, power, and prestige of the most important value, but we do not have an equal opportunity to obtain these values. (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2014)
Besides that, I would list out two types of the culture values in Malaysia between United States which is cleanliness and extended and limited family. For instance, such as food, footwear and toilet can be a part of cleanliness in the cultural values.
Cleanliness is everyone 's responsibility, which is not only the responsibility of cleaning. Clean or lack of, is still the thorn in the flesh, if it is not a serious concern by all relevant sectors of tourism in the country, can adversely affect

In the United States, a high value on cleaning, antibacterial liquid soap is a $16 billion market. They will use antibacterial liquid soap to wash
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