Theories Of Death In American Poetry

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Death continues to remainas one of the biggest threatsand a great challenge to humanity. It is a single global event which affects all the human beingsin unrecognized modes. Due to the distinguished capability of human being in terms of social construction and meaning-making, it has developedas a very dynamic and complex system, which involvessocietal, psychological, biological, , spiritual and cultural factors. Whatever may be the definition we link to death,death is always around us and continues to be a part of our culture, and we all haveopenly embraced it. This report throws light widely on the theory of death in American poetry with particular reference to the contribution of three poets namely William Bryant, Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson. The study considers the psychological concepts particularly, the existential psychology in defining the theory of death.
Key Words: Death Acceptance Theory- American Poetry- William Bryant- Robert Frost-Emily Dickinson.
The concept of evolving, meaning in life by death is one of the base notions of Existential psychology.Various empirical psychologists such as Rollo Mayhave reflected that individuals need to accept the certainty of their death and the deaths of their beloved ones. Else, they cannot completelyindulge or determine theactualvalueof life. This theory tracesthorough research which concludes that, more the meaning and purpose that people experience in their lives, the less they fear death. On
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