What Is Discrimination In The Workplace

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discrimination in the workplace dispute the law and the ethical views
In the 21th century we would think that discrimination problems have been solved and are in the past, but it isn’t as many would hope, people go through discrimination, and many of these cases are injustice, even with the laws we have in place for discrimination in workplace its still happens till this day. Discrimination in the work place occurs on a daily base, hiring practices that have been misleadingly picking and choosing who works where for how much based on gender, age, religion or national origins. Businesses today should follow firmer steps and procedures to follow the law and make sure everyone is equal as a simple human right.
Ethical behavior are based on moral
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With the result of punishment if the laws are broken through the court system, being penalized with fines, or being imprisoned, many also disagree over law. But the law chooses a final decision and enforce it despite certain beliefs. Both laws and ethics are set to improve behavior in society and are both made for the good of society.
The civil right act of 1964 is when segregation ended in public places and banned employment discrimination based on race, sex, color, religion, national origin. It is considered dine of the crowning legislative achievements of civil rights
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Many others even in different circumstances would say this is not my business and I can’t fix anything. And try to have blind eye about what’s going on. They believe each individual person has the same truth value as the other even if different that beliefs. And that its right for you but not for me.
What were the circumstances examine it from all perspectives?
Definition Virtue ethics: Aristotle based virtue ethics on the quest to become a moral character, as being honest, brave, justice a person becomes an honest person and make honest choices, a guide for making society more peaceful without enforcing rules or punishment to resolve problems
In my friend’s case if they had followed virtue ethics it would have been more peaceful and friendly acceptance of her beliefs and way to live her life. And the reaction towards something even if believed to be bad can show virtual ethics. In qualities such as faithfulness, generosity, and integrity. law makers make and enforce the law against discrimination. Title VII makes it illegal to harass someone based on their race, gender, religion, or national
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