Elvis Presley Conspiracy

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Conspiracy Vs. Reality A small group of people around the world believe a peculiar theory: Elvis is not dead (Hanks). According to a poll taken in 1997, four percent of Americans (approximately 13,037,887 people) believe that Elvis is still alive; meanwhile, the majority (ninety-six percent) accept that the King has passed (Chan). This, of course, is only a conspiracy theory (Hemming). This research paper will compare the evidence and try to disprove the conspiracy theory that Elvis Presley is still alive today. There are three main conspiracies that theorists who believe Elvis is still alive conceive to be the true reasons Elvis disappeared; he was abducted by aliens, part of an undercover Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) team investigating…show more content…
Surprisingly, this theory started because of the Presley family and their acceptance and belief in otherworldly beings. Elvis himself claimed to have connections to extraterrestrials. The night Elvis was born, his parents, Vernon and Gladys Presley, and his family doctor, Robert Hunt, all claim that they saw a strange glowing light ‘beaming’ over the Presley family home (Biography) (Corbett) (History). His father specifically mentioned seeing a bright blue unidentified flying object (UFO) hovering above the house at around two a.m. January eighth, 1935, as he went out for a cigarette break the night Elvis was being delivered (Allen) (Gale) (Hanks). Vernon Presley later told Elvis and Larry Geller that the moment he saw that light he “knew right then and there that something special was happening” (Allen). When he was eight years old, Elvis claimed to have been telepathically visited by two extraterrestrial beings whom showed him visions of a man wearing a glimmering white suit singing in front of a crowd, baffling him at the time, but which he later interpreted to be a prophesy of his future in the spotlight (Allen) (Hanks) (History). During his adult years, Elvis and his personal hair stylist and spiritual adviser, Larry Geller, claimed to have seen multiple UFOs and strange ‘extraterrestrial’ sightings, most particularly, strange moving lights while traveling through…show more content…
One of the leading supporters andreaserchers of the Elvis-mafia conspiracy, Gail Brewer-Giorgio, claims after searching and scrutinizing thousands of official and released FBI documents, she has discovered that Elvis joined the FBI in 1976 as an undercover agent. He did this to help the agency infiltrate a criminal organisation known as “The Fraternity” which was a cult like organized crime ring that operated much like a mob (Chan) (Daily). He was spurred by his love for his country and his overwhelming respect for the FBI. Brewer-Giorgio says that the FBI consulted Elvis because he had had some dealings with the Fraternity over the sale of a plane that he had had. She says that unfortunately Elvis had been found as a mole shortly into the time his mission began and he had to go into the FBI’s witness protection program. She claims that because he was discovered, he had to “kill” himself before the mafia killed him. To spur on the allegations, the FBI did not immediately swat down the theory, although there is no mention of Elvis helping the FBI in any of the 760 released files on Elvis from 1956 to 1980. Elvis was never officially investigated by the FBI, they say he only has a folder because of many extortion attempts made against him. In a FBI memo, though, it is recorded Elvis stating that he was willing to aid the FBI and offered his services in any way needed
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