Emile Durkheim Theory Of Suicide Essay

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Suicide is a touchy subject matter for many people nowadays, but the question is why for many people. Some even see it as a natural order of things. However, many sociologists would argue differently. Emile Durkheim theory on the subject is a very in-depth study of suicide and came up with what is believe the pattern of suicide in 1897. According to Durkheim, there are many factors that relate to suicide many are social facts like cultural norms and social structures that transcend the individual and can exercise social control. Durkheim believed that many social events affect suicide rates. Durkheim toke environmental, social environments and a person’s religion, race, gender, relationship status, class, and through it into the blender. Making what criminology would see as a suicide profile of risk factors of one that would…show more content…
Does your chosen fact relate to any of these? Yes, the social factors in the inmate population are controlled not only by guards, wardens, programming and government regulations. Also, there are controls made by the inmate population in prison race is a factor of who, what when and where one can be these things are controlled by inmate gangs, religious groups, and one’s crime by inmate population. According to Durkheim, this would be integration into the inmate population if an inmate is accepted by their case or misconduct by the inmate population then they would be less likely to take their own life. If the inmate’s crime is not an expectable crime well, they will be banished out of the inmate population by the inmate population to dwell alone with no social connection to the inmate population which raises the chance of the inmate suicide. Durkheim’s works can help predict suicide rates with social changes which is use full in determining the rates and opportunities of one committing suicide due to social events or social

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