Theories Of Fashion Sportswear

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2.1. Theory of Fashion Sportswear
Something what you wear is a common definition of what fashion is, but it is a different meaning to different people. Based on a French designer, Coco Channel, fashion is not always defined our clothing choices, but also projected how you carry yourself, your personalities, behavior, perspective, and lifestyle. Basically, it is represented and projected who you are. According to Qorina (2014) fashion also defines what culture and society you are come from as well as influencing part of life. Therefore, Fashion may inspired from other aspect of life then create an image to projected in people’s mind.

In the beginning, Sportswear originally made only for sport activities.
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Not only able to carry cycle gear but also other items which usually placed in rear racks. Though there are also several cyclists that prefer put pannier bag on front racks. Ruth (2011) mentioned that generally a pannier bag has attachment. There are usually two kind of hooks, a hook to connect the bottom of the rack and two hooks to clip onto the top of the rack. By the reason while cycling the bag will not shift side to side. To provide better security on pannier bag, some of the bag has more innovative design of the…show more content…
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People are familiar with the design of bicycle; yet only a few people whom completely understand what are the names of the parts and where they are attached. Based on Ruth (2011) parts of a bike divided into:
a. Frame: there are three famous materials of bike frame, which are aluminum, carbon fiber, steel and titanium. If the priority is seeks for lightweight and fast ride, choose aluminum. Carbon frames and steel is heavier than aluminum but the bike has more balance of flex and rigid. While titanium is lightweight as well as more stability, but its cost more expansive.
b. Handlebars: each type of bike has different handlebars. Handlebars are commonly known as a steering wheel of bike, which consist of brakes levers, shift levers, bells and many more.
c. Seat: it often called saddles has several designs of shapes and sizes. Since men’s and women’s sit bones are different, saddles are designed differently based on gender. Generally, saddlers are made of either from vinyl stretched or leather. It also specified based on needs.
d. Crankset: consist of chain rings, crank arms and pedals. It is converting from muscle power into drive power for the

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