Theories Of Human Resource Management

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The term Human Resource Management refers to a function within an organization that places its focus on managing the employees of an organisation in order to achieve the organisational goals. This is done through recruitment and providing direction for the people that work in the organisation. The author of this essay will be discussing how Human Resource Management can be used to improve employee commitment and organisational performance. This will be done using various human resource management theories and models. Based on this discussion an analysis of the challenges faced by these models and theories will be identified and lastly recommendations on how to overcome these challenges will be given.
The Harvard Model
The Harvard
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The model suggests that for the achievements of the four main HR outcomes (training, selection,rewards and appraisal), numerous policies and company strategies are needed. It also suggests that if the sequence is followed in the correct way it can result in better organisational outputs. This means that the intergration of human strategy with human resource practices can help create superior employees and better organisational performance.
Ihuah (2014) argues that based on the model , with improved employee selection, training, appraisal and rewards system, employees’ commitment, quality and flexibility would increase. Furthermore the human resource management approach to the organisations employee motivation, co-operation and involvement can create higher levels of productivity, quality as well as innovation which would result in higher profits. This would be as a result of the employees increased performance.
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• Delegation of tasks can also help deal with certain challenges. This means that human resource managers can spread the work between other managers and employees.
• Lastly HR managers can work with external consultants who have specialised knowledge of the various challenges that arise. These specialists can help the organisation by giving solutions on how to overcome the challenges as well as the best steps to take when problems arise.
It can be concluded that various human resource management models and theories can be used in organisations based on the various outcomes the HR department expects. With that in mind HR managers need to be aware of which model will increase commitment and organisational performance. The approach also needs to be considered depending on what the organisation wants to achieve. This essay has shown that the Harvard model, Michigan model and Guest model all have different ways of improving or increasing employee commitment and organisational
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