Theories Of Immigrant Entrepreneurs

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Immigrant Entrepreneurs ‘Immigrant’ or ‘Ethnic’ entrepreneur as depicted by R.M Khosa, V. Kalitanyi Are sojourners who work harder, save money, receive limited low cost funding from family member as well social networks and find market opportunities to set up their business in the host communities. R.M Khosa, V. Kalitanyi further puts forward that migration of people defined as the practise of people moving form their indigenous country to live and work in another country. People don’t just pack up leave their country; there are always external forces that influence the decision to migrate. J. Knight puts forward that people migrate because of economic opportunity or they are refugees. R. Luthra, L. Platt, J. Salamońska outlines that immigrants chose their host country according to their destination’s characteristics, they also take a look at how they will be able to reach the destination as well as where the social networks are established. S. Stephens discusses that immigrants are shut out and marginalised from stable lucrative jobs and the formal economy in its entirety. They look to establishing small business such Spaza shops as a mean to an end. They make use of social networks, which usually includes immigrants who have knowledge of the new foreign environment and the opportunities it presents [J. Knight]. Now these social networks help the migration process and making it easier because the immigrants know that at their destination there will be people to help
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