Jean Piaget's Stages Of Intellectual Development

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Sam’s development can be referred to as Intellectual development. This is shown by the way he is solving problems. Also by the way he makes decisions that require abstract thinking shows how his reasoning is improving. The type of domain referred here is called cognitive as he can write his own name. He too knows that after drawing a picture he must label it to enable understanding of his teacher, thus showing h has improved in the drawing skill and reasoning ability. Theory of Jean Piaget’s work as he explains clearly the stages of cognitive development, some of which are shown by Same states that children explore things as they grow up so as to make sense of the world around them.
The Sensorimotor Stage: it’s usually from birth up to two
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The first one is known as symbolic function substage .it’s usually when the children when they are between two to four years old. The children try to use symbols to show different objects in the world. An example is when they mound a van using clay or plasticine; however they are usually not accurate but they do not care or bothers them , as long as then is represented by the mounded object. They even go to the extent of showing different objects around the world within them, by drawing them on the ground using their fingers or toes. The second substage of Pre-operational stage is known as Intuitive Thought that is between the children of four and seven years this substage, children develop curiosity within them as they try to know everything surrounding them, as they become to the realization that they have a lot of knowledge, but are unaware where they got it from. They tend to each time that they are next to their teachers, parents, relative or anyone who is older than them as their brothers and sisters, questions of How, When and Why. They are able to understand things and even analyses them. They do also perform tasks which earlier they were not able…show more content…
This step is critical. The topic to be discussed by the teacher should be addition and subtraction. The teacher then shows how one adds numbers. First should be demonstrated on the blackboard then to switch to use of sticks in adding numbers. The teacher should do three examples or up to six with the sticks ad on the board, then the teacher should call Sam to the front of others to demonstrate what the teacher taught. If the teacher is satisfied that Sam has understood how to use sticks in counting and even without the sticks, he or she call further three children to do just the same as what Sam did. The teacher is required to use different terms referring to the same name, like addition one can prefer to use altogether which are just the same. These steps should be done to subtraction. The teacher then gives an assignment of the same topic which can be of five to ten is from this assignment that he assesses Sam’s development. If the teacher finds that Sam misses three out of the possible ten while the others got all of them right. The teacher has to cooperate with Sam’s parents where the teacher gives Sam homework of the same topic taught earlier in the day. Such that even when he goes back home they assist him in doing his homework. The next day during mathematics lesson the teacher should ask Sam and the rest what they were taught the previous
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