Cultural Awareness In Health Care Essay

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INTRODUCTION It is evident that health care delivery services have evolved tremendously over the years. From the difficult state of NHS in 1948 all the way to the road to recovery of health care system today. It was manifested how British nationals have coped with the challenges of health care problems. In a global perspective, however, health care always has comparable convoluted issues whether it is a developing, undeveloped or well off country. It is a long past time to have a guaranteed quality healthcare delivery services for all. With an environment that is constantly changing, health and social care is challenged to move in a quick pace setting as the world continuous to grow in a more competitive custom. Therefore, effective leaders…show more content…
Having a sufficient knowledge of ones cultural needs, could lead to the understanding of effective healthcare of the people; in furtherance of the foregoing leading effective to quality healthcare services. Nurses are expected to practice in a way that is subtle to the sensitivity of culture of the service users, families, communities and team members (The Code, 2015, sec 7.3). Health services show the need for health care organisation to cultivate policies, standards and practices to offer culturally competent care. In becoming a cultural competent in the practice, Cross et al (1989) suggests five absolute necessary aspects that need to be considered. These are: valuing diversity, having the capacity for the cultural self-assessment, being conscious of the dynamics inherent when cultures interact, having an institutionalised cultural knowledge; and lastly, is having to develop an adaptations of services delivery reflecting an understanding of cultural diversity. These put forward that the outcomes of these factors could mirror the attitudes, policies, structures and services of an organisation when implementing quality healthcare to service
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