Theories Of Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping

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2 Theories About The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping Kidnapping. Taking someone away illegally by force, typically to obtain a ransom. The Lindberghs were a sweet family and everyone loved them, especially after they had their first son, or that 's what everyone thought. The Lindbergh’s son was killed after being kidnapped from their house in New Jersey. The mystery behind the Lindbergh baby kidnapping can be summed up in the theories: it was done by Bruno Hauptmann or Charles Lindbergh helped the kidnapper. Charles Lindbergh was a very famous man, but what happened to his son might have even made the family even more popular. Charles A. Lindbergh was the first man to fly across the Atlantic Ocean by himself in 1927. (20th century)…show more content…
And many believe that the inside man was Charles Lindbergh. Charles was acting very strange the day of his son 's kidnapping. On that night, Charles had a social function to go to but he changed his plans late notice and decided to skip the function and go home to Highfields, two hours away. (Townsend 6) He got home around eight twenty-five PM but before he arrived he called the house to make sure nobody went into baby Charles’ room between eight to ten PM because he didn 't want Charles Jr to be “coddled”. (Townsend 6.) Also after they realized the baby was gone “Anne and the servants searched the house, starting in the nursery, and none of them saw the ransom note on the window sill. Yet Lindbergh discovered it after returning to the nursery alone.” (Townsend 11.) As suspicious as that sounds Lindbergh also just happened to forget his son’s dog that slept under the crib every night.(Townsend 11.) One of the most suspicious things Charles Lindbergh did was that he refused the two agents that president Hoover sent to him, which would 've given him his best bet to finding his son and finding out as much as they could have about what had happened to Charles Lindbergh Jr
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