Theories Of Literary Translation

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Translation is considered a method of communication. It helps people to communicate all over the world without wasting time or efforts.This communication is achieved by translating texts from different countries and languages. Translation plays a great role in bridging the gaps between the different cultures and nations. Translation plays vital role in understanding among diverse cultures and nations. Literary translation helps these different cultures reach a compromise. Literary translations in particular help these different nations reach a universal culture on a common ground. Hassan (2011) notes that literary translation is a type of translation which is distinguished from translation in general. A literary translation must reflect…show more content…
Narrative framing theory helps one to comprehend or realize how texts work and it gets one thinks about the choices to the author has made. It also promotes the translator to create her effect on text and to come up with her opinions and interpretations.

The translator or interpreter has an important task and great responsible in the colonial text which goes far beyond linguistic mediation. Interpreters perform many works as guides or explores and diplomats and changes as Chameleon during different situations and circumstances. According to Baker and Saldanha (2011), Interpreters in the colonial context acted as guides, explorers, brokers, diplomats, ambassadors and advisers on Indian or local affairs
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These parameters seek to make ideas closer to the other culture and to be understood easily by all readers or listeners. Translation plays an important role in the creation of literary texts and it is central to one understanding of them. Thus this research focuses on literary translation that, language has more than a communicative, or social and connective purpose. Gouadec(2007) defines the meaning of translation in particular literary translation through his perspective " Literary Translation is the translation of any kind of fictional work, including prose narratives, drama and poetry"(p.46).The translator believes that literary translation often requires certain talents such as sensitivity, creativeness and aesthetic feeling. Translators are language professionals so any translator has a role no less important than anyone who concerns with language and
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