Theories Of Management In Nursing

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Nursing is a vital service in any health care facility. Without an effective Nursing Service, patient care will suffer. It integrates all the hospital's vital services. The Nursing Service is burdened with the expansion of the nurses' functions, rapid turnover, and the structural constraints within the health care facility, such as, understaffing, poor working conditions and inadequate supplies and equipment which is very true in the government hospital setting. Despite all these constraints and problems, the Nursing Service is still expected to render quality services. Nursing has an obligation to society which has accorded it with recognition and respect. Nurses are not only accountable to their profession and institutions,
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Management and leadership theories have frequently been applied with success in healthcare environments. However, healthcare organizations, and specifically hospitals, are different from many businesses in that they provide a societal service that has not been traditionally identified as a business. Cook (1983) developed and tested a theory of hospital response to a regulatory environment. According to this theory, as regulatory activities related to hospitals increase, there will be a managerial level response which will include decentralization and increased participation in decision-making and more budgeting and controlling activities among middle managers. A technical level response was also predicted related to changes in patient care scheduling and services, changes in nurse staffing, development of new services to fit the market, and changes in clinical practices, many of which would affect or involve professional nurses, and thus, nursing administrators as well. All of the above changes have great implications for the nursing administrators and would serve to increase his managerial functions and responsibilities, again to provide better planning and delivery of quality health care services. This study focuses on the nursing management functions. The knowledge of this process assures nurses of smooth functioning of their units in attaining their goal of quality care through the judicious

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