Theories Of Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs

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1. Which content theory of Motivation you consider the most suitable in present business scenario and why? Maslow hierarchy of needs is often seen in a shape of pyramid with some levels of needs. This pyramid represents the hierarchy. The most fundamental and 4 basic needs are esteem, friendship and love, security and physical needs. The human mind and brain are complex and have parallel processes running at the same time that’s why different levels of Maslow ‘s hierarchy occur at same time. He also said that some needs dominate the human nature. He mainly focused on finding the basic type of motivation and the order how they should meet. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs So Maslow theory simply says that there are five needs in our life. 1. Psychological Needs are air, food , water, shelter and sleep 2. Safety needs are health, security, protection and freedom 3. Love and belonging needs are love, friendship, affection and family 4. Esteem needs are status, prestige, self respect, respect from others and goal oriented 5. Self actualization needs are potential, seeking personal growth and experiences Psychological needs are when a person need basic needs in his life like food, air and water to live is life. Then comes the safety needs where he has to take safety measures to keep himself safe. Love and belonging needs are related with attachment and relationship towards close ones and also people we know. Esteem is related when a person has some needs where his morale
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