Essay On Media And Gratification Theory

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The most appropriate theory that can be used to discuss the media globalization is the theory of uses and gratification. During the 20th century, the first person who described the field of communication was Elihu Katz and it was in year 1959, he stated that media is used by people as it is beneficial. Later in the 1970s, Jay Blumler and Michael Gurevitch supported Katz’s view. In this theory, audience is viewed as active - they search for specific content through media in order to achieve gratification once they have fulfilled their needs, thus decline the older assumption that viewed audience as passive. As we are going to relate uses and gratification theory with our topic which is media globalization, we found out this theory is early defined as one of the psychological communication perceptions. This is because this theory commonly keep its focus on how a particular person depends on mass media to fulfill his numbers of needs. According to uses and gratification theory, media use is determined by a group of important elements which includes people’s needs and their objectives to interact, the mass media, the psychological and social surroundings, the applicable ways to media use, communication styles and the effects of such attitudes, either good or bad. Gratification is when the needs are achieved by using media as the medium. This theory tells us about the use of…show more content…
This theory is not significantly used by the generations in this modern era, but it still has its own important elements to the society. People should realize that it is their own choice to either choose to use media wisely or misuse it and think of how it leaves an impact to the society. As far as we believe, the theory of uses and gratification indeed gives us many positive impact that we also can learn something new from it. If all of us agree to use media in the right ways, we can witness the relevance of this
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