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The main objective of the paper is to evaluate the theories of motivation that is relevant to my workplace. Moreover, the paper will also assess the principal factors that may affect the performance and motivation at my workplace. Currently I’m working in a nursing home called as “The British Home.” Hence, the paper will be on the performance and motivation at the British Home.

AC 1.1. Evaluation of theories of motivation to the workplace
I am working in The British Home that is caring for age of between 18 to 65 years of people who are suffering from long term illness and complex media condition. British Home is offering its services for the past 150 years and became fully facilitated by charity in 1994, which then become the
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The staff members have to achieve their goals on daily basis with highest standard. The staff members are good in taking risk with home in order to accomplish their goals. The staff members are in practice of getting regular positive and negative feedback by reviewing or assessing their reviews and achievements and progress within line of work and also remain productive.
Moreover, affiliation is also quite relevant for British Homes as all staff members wish to belong to work in team and to be liked with positive examples from others. Staff members work as a team for the benefit of Residents and home benefits.
Hence, the last is power that is linked with my nursing home in a way that the staff members are remain controlled and are also positively influenced by other either senior or new comer for new job role in order to get standard recognition either through prizes or through training.
David McClelland’s theory of motivation can be implemented at my workplace on daily basis with the reason of pure commitment and highly achievement. Staff empowerment and job role to pursue commendations by learning from their own mistake made by their dedication to be recognised as the main role model for their fellow team
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Observable patterns of behaviour in the organisation are indices of the relative health or the same disease. All these interacting factors can be observed and analysed to determine the effectiveness of the overall organisation to achieve its objectives (Gannon and Boguszak, 2013).
Theory X of Douglas McGregor also relates to my workplace as staff member could be explained as individuals who dislike taking responsibilities can avoid where it is possible as individual who lack ambition also dislike responsibilities. It has been observed that staffs sometimes hide behind the senior members by hiding the skills, opinions and believes of what is right and what is wrong and what they are capable of. People perceive this situation depending on their knowledge and experiences.
Hence, identified by means of delegation staff members who show interest in resident activities and recommend to how managing and how to do trainings in order to improve the skills so that they can input their knowledge for the resident to get benefit. There are many staff members who dislike or are unhappy at work feels that because of unaccredited performances or no motivation. Thus, a motivational leader who exceeds, expectations offer motivation to staff members that perform and achieve more
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