Professional Nursing Theories

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Professional Nursing Practice. Nursing theory is a set of thoughts, connections, and expectations technologically advanced from other nursing approaches and disciplines to define, forecast and illuminate a particular occurrence. Nursing theories predominantly are based on relevant developments and different strategies. The theory under analysis here is the Developmental theory which summaries the development and growth of humans in an orderly manner from conception to death (Masters 2010). Nurses get to understand the behavior and progress of individuals that are influenced by genetics, emotions, environment, and health. Nurses use information from this theory to understand how the human body functions and help in generating further knowledge…show more content…
ANA represents the interests of more than 3 million registered nurses. It advances the nursing profession by promoting their rights and ensuring high standards. ANA represents nurses at the state level and also other associations. The State Board of Nursing standardizes the practice of proficient and functional nursing to protect the well-being and safety of citizens (ANA 2010). The board issues licenses to nurses approve nursing curriculums in schools and launch principles and guidelines. It also disciplines those licensed and unlicensed nurses who violate the Acts. It aims at improving health care for the population. Requirements for acquiring a license are fingerprints and Reports of discipline. Failure to maintain the conditions may lead to probation, revocation of license, statements of the issue, voluntary surrender or suspension. Application for permits is different between Compact and non-compact states. In the compact states, it requires that the nurse is a legal residence while it’s not the case for the non-compact state. The compact States have rules ‘Traveling nurses' to enable such nurses to have multi-state licensure that allows them to work across any multi-state…show more content…
The act contains the scope of nursing practice. They are meant to establish qualifications for the practice to protect patients from incompetent and unqualified nurses. NPA ensures the practice of nursing is safe and competent. The practice of nursing is a right granted by any state to protect those who are in need of nursing care. The ‘scope of practice’ for Nursing sets out the procedures, standards, conditions, and limitations for any licensed and professional nurse (ANA 2010). The states delegate the practice of RN by establishing state nurse practice act that states the responsibilities and authority of nurses and their answerability to

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