Theories Of Organizational Loyalty

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2.1 What is the Organizational Loyalty?

Organizational loyalty is the strength of the individuals and with their organization. Employee loyalty is a psychological condition, psychological bond among organizational management and employees which reflects the relationship of the individual in the organization in which he or she working. Also, the loyalty as a strength of correlation of the individual who working organization, and that the individual who shows a high level of organizational loyalty in the organization in which it activates it has a robust confidence to take the goals and values of the organization, ready to provide every possible exertion to serve the organization, and has a strong aspiration to continue working in such organization.

The organizational behavior focused on the mutual understanding between the members of the organization. Because the availability of such mutual understanding helps to achieve the goals of the organization. This point of view where the organization should consider that the organizational workers knowledge of their position in the sequence of events that pass in the organization leads to achieve the loyalty of workers through their attentiveness of their significance duties in the organization and thus leads to customer loyalty and then to the victory of the business.
There are many literature can be fined relevant to the phenomenon of organizational loyalty, whether with respect to its causes, results, subjects or a combination

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