Participatory Culture Theory

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One of the most trending media theories nowadays is the theory called participatory culture. A participatory culture is a culture where individuals act as contributors, creators, and producers of some type of published media content. It is a contrary concept to consumer culture where individuals act as consumers only. It is mainly associated with the recent technological developments and the internet era. This theory is increasingly spreading around the world because it allows people to act as prosumers and to create and publish their own content freely through the internet and other media platforms instead of consuming content only. The media researcher Henry Jenkins has mainly studied and termed the theory.
Historical context of the development
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These forms include affiliations, expressions, collaborative problem solving, and circulations. Affiliations consist of memberships and online communities through social media and other communication platforms. Whereas, expressions encompass the production of new creative forms of expression as digital sampling, video making, and narrative writing. While, collaborative problem solving comprises working in teams to do tasks and provide new knowledge, such as Wikipedia website. Lastly, circulations involve things that shape the flow of the media as podcasting and blogging. (Jenkins,…show more content…
Furthermore, it helps us value our work and understand that the new media platforms are beneficial places to exchange knowledge, thoughts, and cultures actively. Jenkins (2009) mentions based on a study taken from the Pew Internet and American Life that more than one-half of all American teenagers could be considered media creators. This term applies to anyone who create a website, a blog, or posted any original story, video, artwork, or a photo. Moreover, participatory culture plays an affective role in helping us acquiring new social and research skills such as the ability to search, combine, evaluate, and disseminate information through applying networking, judgement, and collective
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