Bacon's Theory Of Performance Of Teachers

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This study will anchor on the theory that the teaching performance of the teachers in district II depends on the instructional competence as a reflect in the performance rating supported by the following thinkers. The Theory of Performance (Frontiers of Education Volume I, 2006) Theory of Performance Wallace Bacon (2001) considered by many to be the father of performance theory. In his statement, Bacon writes, “Our center is in the interaction between readers and text which enriches, extends, clarifies and alters the interior and even the exterior lives of students. Teacher performance evaluation plays a key role in educational personnel reform, so it has been an important yet difficult issue in educational reform. The research suggests that…show more content…
While social cognitists (2002) agree that there is a fair amount of influence on development generated by learned behavior displayed in the environment in which one grows up, they believe that the individual person is just as important in determining moral development. In 2001, moral competence involves having the ability to perform a moral behavior, whereas moral performance indicates actually following one's idea of moral behavior in a specific situation. Moral competencies includes: what an individual's awareness of moral rules and regulations, and an individual's cognitive ability to construct behaviors. Discovery Learning Theory according to Ausubel , "meaningful and reception learning theory is characterized by the use of advanced organizers; the use of a number of examples; and the focus on both similarities and differences." On meaningful discovery learning theory as postulated by Bruner, it is important to present both examples and non-examples of the concept, help the learner's see connections among concepts, pose a question and let pupils/students try to find the answer and encourage learners to make intuitive…show more content…
It comes from the root word “meta”, meaning beyond. It can take many forms; it includes knowledge about when and how to use particular strategies for learning and the lesson log in teaching performance. It is also refers to a level of thinking that involves active control over the process of thinking that is used in learning situation. The teacher must know the strategies on how to use and delivered the lesson to the student using the daily lesson log in which the students can easily cope up. Since the lesson log was now implemented, the teacher required discussing the lesson effectively and efficiently. The knowledge of a teacher should beyond than to the knowledge of a student to make her/his activity effective. “Metacognition enhances and enriches the learning experiences (St.Clair.n.d).It will enhance their capabilities in teaching performance by using metacognition. It would help to the teacher improve their teaching performance and used a different strategies to make the lesson effective. They should know the new implemented lesson log to make it effective in the classroom setting. “Applying metcognitive strategies such as self-awareness and self monitoring is to develop independent learners who can control their own learning and learn how to learn for life” (Papaleontion – Louca, 2008). It provides self- monitoring which is a step-by-step process of evaluation during the learning

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