Five Factor Model Of Personality Research

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Personality, some define this as the characteristics and qualities that make a person who they are. Someone’s personality makes up a big part of who they are and, also determines how they will possibly react to certain situations. Typically, personality is what people remember about an individual after they have first met them. There are traits in a person that come out in their personality that make them who they are. The personality theory that looks deeper into the traits that make up an individual’s personality is individual psychology also known as the trait theory.
Trait Theory
The trait theory looks more into what makes one person different from the next. Gordon Allport emphasizes a person’s individuality and
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This assessment model is built around five distinct and basic personality dimensions that appear to be universal with all individuals (Matsumato & Juang, 2013). ”The five dimensions are neuroticism, extraversion, openness to experience, agreeableness, and conscientiousness”, (Matsumato & Juang, 2013, pg. 269). With each major trait identified in this assessment there are many sub traits associated with it. The sub traits are what stand out to me the most with the Five Factor Model. The reason these stand out to me is because the sub traits are how we determine the major trait of the individual. These sub traits are what many use to describe the major trait and also are what are used most to label the individual. Knowing the characteristics or sub traits of an individual that include being thoughtful, having good impulse control and have behaviors that are goal directed will show that that individual is conscientious and will have the major trait of…show more content…
The research specifically into the big five shows that the five traits are universal (Mischel, 1968). Research with the trait theory have psychologists believe that not only are the big five universal but may also be biological (Mischel, 1968). Research continues to show that the most important qualities that shape our social environments come from individual traits with in the big five.
Questions to Ponder Ponder on these questions: What traits are most commonly shown through an individual’s personality that will stand out to society? Out of the five main traits in the five factor model, where does your personality fit and what are sub traits that you can pick out that describe you? Why does the trait theory stand out as one of the most unique personality theories? Finally remember that how a person reacts to a situation will rely mostly on their personality and situational differences. Personality traits are what help define a person’s personality and are used in the assessment of an individual’s personality. An individual’s personality makes up a big part of who they
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