Planned Behavior Theory

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According to the tenets of the theory of planned behavior, individuals first think about a behavior (e.g., the intent to act) and only then proceed to act (Chambers & Benibo, 2011). The dependent variables of intent to act in the theory of planned behavior include individual attitudes, perceived behavioral control, self-efficacy, and behavioral norms which are in turn dependent variables to the actual behavior demonstrated (Chambers & Benibo, 2011). The theory of planned behavior has been applied in a number of different settings, including in the context of nosocomial infections (Hughes, 2008).
In this context, the planned behavior theory conceptualizes individuals’ intent to engage in handwashing as involving three main factors: (1) attitude
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In this regard, Hughes (2008) emphasizes that, “Epidemiologic studies continue to demonstrate the favorable cost-benefit ratio and positive effects of simple hand washing for preventing transmission of pathogens in health care facilities” (p. 938). Despite its proven efficacy, the research to date also indicates that clinicians only wash their hands according to recommended hand hygiene protocols about 40% of the time on average, with an alarming range of between 5% and 80% (Hughes,…show more content…
Posters can be provided for each nursing station and all clinicians can be provided with hard-copy brochures and required to watch the CDC’s video presentation for clinicians concerning the importance of handwashing as part of an overall strategy for reducing nosocomial infection rates. This health promotion activity would be ongoing, with new materials being added as they become
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