Theories Of Political Science

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Disciplines in the social science undergo disciplinary shifts where change is an inevitable occurrence in the fields’ approaches, methods and paradigms. Political Science owes its condition in the 21st Century to the circumstances, shifts even the conflict between traditionalism and behavioralism in the course of the field’s development. Moreover, political science as a discipline began in thoughts, concepts and visions rooted in philosophy. Thoughts develop in epochs. Through the years, thoughts shifted from merely visions of the ideal to being scientific. The study of politics began as a philosophy to seek for knowledge of what is the political. Moreover, the philosophy that holds political science are mere visions of the ideal as well …show more content…

The behavioralists ought to incorporate in the field of political science research methods, techniques and tools in order to procure accurate and precise data to obtain relative facts. More so, they disregard the philosophical identity of political science that led to its deviation from describing and defining the political in terms of values and judgments. Furthermore, Gunnell (1986) attributed Stephen Toulmin’s argument that philosophers are of no relevance in the study of politics for they are incapable of dictating the principles to which scientists ought to conform in their theorizing. However, the world is governed by the political and it is impossible for political science to be value free. Strauss (2011), it is impossible to define the political without reference to its …show more content…

The development of thought led to the condition of the political science being a multidiscipline rooted in philosophy and theory. Despite the fact that conflicts arise, political philosophy with its revival continuously characterize an aspect of political science being value-laden. Political philosophy might have been disregarded for its conception of reflection as well as the values and even questioned for its relevance in the field. However, it is for a fact that in order for a discipline to grow, it must look back to its origin in order to find its identity and true essence.
The study of politics characterized by changing theories and methods as well as the existence of political philosophy as its bedrock serves as a reminder that political science is a field not limited to the ideal conception rather, the field seeks to tackle the ideal and provide practical methods and knowledge to obtain the definition of the

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