Theories Of Pop Culture

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Culture word should be known to understanding of popular culture. Culture derived from “cultura”. In the beginning, it was linked with cultivated but with Industrial Revolution, industrial production emerged, these processing causes to come up new society structure. It was thought the concept of new industrial society was monotype and called “Mass culture”. With emerge of modernism; “High culture” was organized. “High culture” is totally different “Mass culture”, because “High culture” interest in culture of upper class such as aristocracy. But later, “Mass culture” yield to “Popular culture”. Beforetime “Popular culture” associated with “public”, that is, it derived from
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There are many theorist and critics about capitalism and popular culture. One of them is Frankfurt school that brings out to social contradiction because of capitalism and popular culture. Adorno, Max Horkheimer and Helbert are most important member of Frankfurt school. “ Mr. Muscle, car, orchid advertisement” are capitalist production. According to Frankfurt SchooI advertisement is only trickery, they have use people’s emotion. In the “orchid advertisement” “like a girl” word are criticized but it should not forgotten, this word is used for capitalist interest. In this advertisement, it is used woman’s emotion because women are naive in this case they always humiliated by capitalist society with this advertisement, selling of orchid is increase, because women sympathize this mark. In the capitalist system, everything can be used for marketing. Mark can be popular by advertisement. Mark or goods can be commoditized so people can be convinced by this way. People occur like a slave and canalized. Mass culture or popular culture is danger all traditional culture because it is homogeneous. For example in the “Mazda advertisement” reflects the feature of mass culture. Namely in the traditional culture emotional of people is substantial .Material things are important than spiritual value in the mass culture. Car is seem superior to people. According to…show more content…
“Totalitarian” decline of socialism and social norm, in this result from the centralized control on society. People think that if they are belongs to totality, this means they have good social position in the society. “To Adorno, Capitalism uses “culture industry” and “commodity fetishism” this way it can trick easy to people. Dressing same things, eating same thing or think similarly are good for modern people. According to Adorno, “commodity fetishism is the real secret of success, since it can show how exchange value exerts its power in a special way in the realm of cultural goods” ( 34).Firstly, For example, In the “Mr. Muscle advertisement”, if you can take it you can clean easy against the stubborn dirt or in the car advertisement, if you take this mark car, you can influence woman or other people. In this advertisement, “Mr. Muscle advertisement” is showed “use value” but it is not. It is exchange value, forwhy exchange value imply to money, so in the capitalist system exchange value is always dominate over use value. The needs and marks can be can stereotype and standardization by capitalism. In addition, Frankfurt school thinks that, capitalism created “textual artefacts” with using popular culture and marketing them. “Textual artefact” involves people’s expectation, so people consume of standardization of production. Today modern people generally cannot take something because of
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