The Three Types Of Psychoanalysis

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Psychoanalysis is a system of psychotherapy derived from the discoveries of Sigmund Freud. He believed that a person is driven by sexual and aggression impulses. There are several key concepts to psychoanalysis therapy, those of which include, The Human Nature, The Unconscious Mind, Anxiety, Defense-Mechanism and Psychosexual Stages. Individuals begin to form an approach or an outlook of life on their own during the early first 6 years of their life. Human nature is already determined at birth. It consists of psychic power that distributes to the id, ego and superego. They are often classified according to their needs and demands of the human community. The Unconscious Mind is driven by sex and aggression.…show more content…
Ego and Superego. The influences of these three types are what make up an individual’s personality. ‘The id is described
self that
Freud terms as the, pleasure
principle’. (KERRY, 2014) The id component in personality construction is made up of the unconscious energy that works to satisfy basic urges, needs and desires. The id is also the only part of personality that is present at birth. The id is also illogical and driven to satisfy instinctual needs. The id resides largely in the unconscious. It never matures but can be controlled as we grow older and when ego and superego comes…show more content…
This method of therapy offers a more in-depth perspective for the client to self-realize the root of their issues. Psychoanalytic therapy also explains in details how the mind functions and, has given a deeper insight to many health professionals for them to gain more aspects to the human mind and its functions. At one point of time Freud’s theory offered the full package of understanding the human mind and its complete condition. Psychoanalysis has been around since the 1800s and up to this day. Although many people disregarded Freud’s theory however, they manage to come up with their own theory based of their understanding of Freud’s theory. In other words, other professionals derived their theory from Freud’s. This proves that people still practices the way for Sigmund Freud’s theory. Therefore, this theory proves that’s its innovative and revolutionary, and has indeed withstand the test of
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