Queer Theory And Homosexuality

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The term “queer” in queer theory has some connection with the idea of that of homosexuality. The term queer is basically used as a slang for the term homosexual and other groups which are not considered by our so called cultural and sophisticated society as normal. This term is basically used as an umbrella term for the coalition of sexual identities which are considered to be marginalised in our educated and cultural society. It basically is a new branch of study which originated from the gay/lesbian studies. Further this branch of study of gay/lesbian grew out of feminist theory and feminist studies. This study of gay/lesbian further challenges the idea or concept of normative sexualities. According to one of the articles, once you categorise or label something as “normal”, automatically another category originates which is it’s opposite or let’s say contrast and is labelled as the term “deviant”. Basically in this queer theory we not only study about homosexualities but all those groups which are…show more content…
We often hear that a parent scoul a child by saying something like “ Boys don’t cry”. This points out what boys or girls are “supposed” to do in a society and if ever someone doesn’t abides by the rules, parents and peers will constantly remind oneself of these gender normative rules. Queer Theory has been repeatedly criticised by various countries including that of Vatican. According to Pope Francis, queer theory threatens traditional family
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