Racial Formation Analysis

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It is a fact that by way of such the specific inborn human features, people are not able to pick and choose their races because of his or her own heritage. Race is an unchoosable innate characteristic of which can be obviously distinguished by origins of birth, skin colors or other physical attributes; and, it seems hardly to success the striking collision of changing racial classification among all kinds of races, such as from black to white. According to the article, Racial Formations, the authors Michael Omi and Howard Winant indicate the term, “Racial Formation,” is a denotation of race in society. Within the article, the authors discuss several theories that revolve racial formation; hence, the theories are circled around three basic factors…show more content…
We can talk of prominent sociologists Max Weber and Franz Boas, who attributed on the refutation of the biological concept of race, dedicated to remove the ambiguous racial aspect from fundamental social, political, or economic determination. Years ago, white viewed “any racial intermixture makes one ‘non-white’” because they put white in a category of “pure,” which meant “white as “havin’ a little Negra blood in ya’-just one little teeny drop and a person’s all Negra.” Here came with a principle of social concept: hypo-descent. Thus, “black” turned out to be a word with different meanings in society, and faced the racial difficulties with stereotypes. "Micro-level" of racism mention in the writing, in which was drawn with social concepts by Omi and Winant. The concept is more likely separates two people by a noticeable factor- race. This factor seems to be only a physical factor; however, it has nothing to do with a difference in biology. In fact, the "micro-level" of racism is tied to the "macro-level." "Macro-level" describes the entire group of individuals that show a certain set of difference that separate them from others. That is what called as groups' stereotypes. When we look at a group of people that stand out from the norm, we put them into another category without identifying their merits. It always happen in society that is people stereotype people. We sometimes put a tag of superiority or inferiority onto a stereotype. We judge and criticize these stereotypes, and we do not even recognize the individuals in their groups. It is a stubborn thought as the stereotyped expression that each person from that group has the same qualities. Racism is almost the exact same thing. For instance, while we see an African American person, we think of them as a stereotypic African American who are probably criminal offenders. As a consequence, we lower their social
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