Theories Of Second Language Learning

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instance some teachers prefer reverse teaching, solving tasks and then explain rules. Bloom (1958) and Bruner (1960) promoted integration stating that it reduces isolated experiences into small group of experiences. Psychological studies indicate that individual can remember limited number of items therefore grouping exercise may reduce the number of items. Separated exercises can be more effective if well organized, and it makes things more predictable.
2.6 Theories of second language learning
Any educational process has one central idea that is learning and there are certain principles of learning. To make any learning process more effective the learner should get the suitable atmosphere. Being a teacher one needs to understand the
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The role of the teacher is to provide the practice in the sub-skills. Writing skills involves wide range of sub-skills from basic hand movements to the understanding different complex structures of the language. Only understanding of variety of sub-skills can make an effective writer. The writer may not be aware about the theory of sub-skills, the skills could be taught without being aware about it. The cognitive theory emphasizes on hypothesis formation and problem solving, the learners are confronted to the variety of learning problems, and there is scope of flexibility and creativity. The teacher is allowed to be flexible with syllabi and materials in…show more content…
Though they are connected it will be easier to discuss each one separately to make things more clear about what each tells about teaching writing.
2.8 Writing process
Wherever the English is taught, the teacher must be aware about the fact that the student must be able to express themselves in English and for that teacher must motivate them and make them think about themselves. In language learning, expressing our ideas is most important and being able to express that ideas in written form is crucial as this will lead to the most aspects of language from choice of words, sentence making, expressing and many more which finally lead to composition. They learn to express clearly when they express themselves in written form.
The word ‘composition’ is derived from the word ‘compose’. ‘To compose’ means putting things together and composition means putting words together. The composer has to be careful with the words, sentence forms and the overall text. The objective of the teacher should be making the learners able to understand three things in composition: fluency, accuracy and

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