Theories Of Social Change

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Social Change Social change affects individuals and society in many different ways. According to Macionis (2007), social change is the transformation of culture and social organization/structure over time. Social change is a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance of culture and social organization over a period of time. At the same time, Anthony Giddens also define social change as an adjustment in the basic structures of groups or society (Essays, 2013). Both Macionis and Giddens explained that social change is a perpetuating factor of social development. In terms of social change, there are different factors in it which are culture change, conflict and change, idea and change, demographic change, environmental factors,
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The thought of this theory is the idea about individuals use language and significant symbols through communication to reach others. This theory has a total of four tenets: individuals act base on the object’s meaning they have, interaction occurs within a particular society and culture context, meanings are emerging from the interactions with other individuals or society, and meanings are continuously created and recreated through interpreting process (Carter &Fuller,…show more content…
Most of the students adapt nightlife lifestyle due to they influence by their friends, spend their leisure time and recognize new friends. Throughout this research, it helps the businessman on understanding the mindset of youth for planning their future business plan. Businesses that operate late at night take the opportunity to attract more students by providing late night promotions or after party to those who visit them at that certain hour like many pubs organize parties or events and the programmer also creates different pattern of games to attract youth. Besides that, this research including to figure out what are the factors that influence university students involving themselves in nightlife. In this situation, it helps government have more understanding on university students’ perception of night time activity which could motivate government finding ways to increase our country’s night time

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