Employee Loyalty Social Exchange Theory

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It is noticed that there are few theories that give integral bits of knowledge illuminate the comprehension of the relationship between family responsive arrangements and employee loyalty. Moreover, there are few theories that cope with the matter of employee loyalty social exchange theory, role theory, and social justice theory. 2.4.1 Social Exchange Theory As indicated by social exchange theory of the employment relationship, representatives look for an equalisation in their exchange associations with associations by having attitudes and practices similar with the level of official’s responsibility to them. Moreover, at the point when business demonstrations in a way that is advantageous to workers, and when those activities go past the…show more content…
In this manner, it may be normal that those with more prominent part requests will report lower steadfastness to work. Further, to the degree that family responsive arrangements help representatives in overseeing work and family requests, decreasing role strain, worker steadfastness ought to be improved (Gröpel & Kuhl, 2009). 2.5. Diverse Types of Flexible Working Hours There is a wide range of types of flexible working and it cover the way an individual working hours are sorted out amid the day, week or year. It can likewise depict the work environment, for example, homeworking or the sort of agreement, for example, a transitory contract. 2.5.1…show more content…
The organisation could provide same facilities to the individuals that are in full time education such as university students that can work during the holiday periods. In this type of working hours, two options can be used for paying individuals. The first is that the employer can pay salary in instalments of 12 equal months or they would even for pay for the time that has been worked by the individual. The benefit of this flexible working is that it helps in solving the problem related to childcare for the working parents. Moreover, the employers also get plenty of time to plan for covering the absence with the help of this structured working. The businesses can even retain and recruit employees that have childcare responsibilities easily due to term time working. This would prove beneficial in overcoming skill shortage for some particular projects. Furthermore, this flexible working would assist in increasing the level of employee morale and commitment. This would help employee in managing their personal responsibilities and job duty
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