Theories Of Social Learning Theory

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The Social Learning Theory Overview Shameka Price CCJ4014: Criminological Theory The University of Florida March 11, 2018 Shameka Price CCJ4014: Criminological Theory March 11, 2018 The Social Learning Theory Overview There 's a old quote that says, "Be careful who your friends are because you will pick up their bad traits." Many different factors can influence our learning. At some point in our lives, we have learned by observing the behaviors of others. Observation can play a very important role in determining what and how we learn. It can have positive or negative effects on one 's development and behavior, especially in children. This is demonstrated in the social learning theory. One of the most analyzed theories in criminology today is the social learning theory. The social learning theory derives from the differential association theory by Dr. Edward Sutherland. The social learning theory of criminology says that individuals learn from the community around them. This happens in two ways by differential association and differential reinforcement. Differential association is the theory that individuals learn values and behaviors related with crime. Differential reinforcement is the fact that rewards and disciplines shape behavior. High crime rates are an continuous problem in our inner cities, however the cause and reasoning behind crime has yet to be totally recognized. Ronald Akers believed that criminality is a behavior that is learned based on
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