Strength And Weakness Of Social Work Theory

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The social work theories that will be used in relations to the Yishun community are strengths perspectives, systems theory and social capital theory. Strengths Perspective Instead of focusing on the issue, the strengths perspectives centres on the community’s abilities, talents and resources. A focus on strengths does not represent that the community’s concerns and problems are ignored but they are not the focus of the intervention (Stuart, 2012). In Yishun’s case, the focus would not be on the unfortunate events that the community has been facing in recent years. By only looking at the deficits in Yishun, the Community Practitioner (CP) might overlook Yishun’s potential helping resources. Some of Yishun’s potential resources include the…show more content…
The grassroots leaders would have extensive social connections to mobilise the community to address the needs. Over the years, the grassroots leaders have been actively organising events and encouraging the residents’ participation. Because of their efforts, stocks of social capital are created as the resident form support networks within the community. However, the actions of some residents reflect that not everyone is engaged in the community and their actions have affected Yishun’s reputation negatively. Moreover, their actions could have damage social capitals that were built previously and mistrust might occur between residents. Addressing this problem, I would want to rebuild and strengthen the social capital of Yishun. For example, I could introduce community engagement programs and a neighbourhood watch program to keep crime at bay and this would provide residents opportunity to work together to solve a range of neighbourhood challenges. These programmes aim to strengthen social capital as people form tighter bonds within the community. In turn, it seeks to deter people from committing…show more content…
The residents in Yishun is served by formal organisations including the Central Singapore Community Development Council, Nee Soon Town Council and Nee Soon Group Representation Constituency. These organisations aim to value-adds to the community by developing initiatives and creating sustainable programmes, as well as supporting meaningful community projects. Informally, Yishun has blocks representatives. They provide the Minister of Parliament (MP) with suggestions on the various amenities and feedback on different government policies so that the MP can raise these issues in different platforms including the parliament (NSS,

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