Theories Of Sociological Imagination

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Sociological Imagination is the use of imaginative thoughts to understand the connections between the forces of society and the personal lives of the individuals. Sociological Imagination is made up of 3 major theories which are the Functionalist Perspective, Conflict Perspective, and the Symbolic Interactionist Perspective. The Functionalist Perspective is a society or group that is relatively stable, which causes people to work together, and all parts of society contribute and has effects on the entire society. Another theory is the Conflict Perspective which is where Conflict theorists assume that the social structure affects human behavior. However, the Conflict Perspective focuses on the conflict, power differences and social change in society. Finally, the last…show more content…
These three perspectives help the understanding of the Sociological Imagination in why people join gangs. So the question is why do people join gangs? Well we will explore this in the Functionalists Perspective first. The Functionalists Perspective is a society or group of integrated parts, that is relatively stable and change is gradual. Also Each part of society contributes to and has an effect on the whole society. A society or group cannot survive unless its
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