Theories Of The Conflict Theory

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The fields of knowledge that study the individuals and society can be defined as social science, which has been referred as an umbrella term which consists of the outside of nature science.
The origins of ancient philosophy is the beginning of social science history, as it was all considered as the same, there were no differentiation between poetry, history or political studies and mathematics.
Adding on, the social science term includes either general or specific sciences of society. To specify, the general science study’s the disciplines that are outside of arts and noble science. On the other hand, thinkers that founded the specific sciences are Marx, Weber, Durkheim and Comte.
As there are a lot of theories that studies different disciplines in individual life and society. This research will focus on Karl Marx’s theory, which is the conflict theory. The conflict theory paper will provide a theory description, the history of the theory’s inventor, the modern conflict theory that was introduced by Mill, the strength and weakness and examples from real world application.

Conflict Theory and its Description

Conflict theory can be considered as the basis for Marxism and communism that highlight and showcases the inequalities that exist in societies. The unavoidably lead to conflict between groups or classes of people and this conflicts ends with revolution and overthrow of the more privileged group of the two. Conflict theory stresses the role of force and power in
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