The Millennial Generation Of The 21st Century

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Twenty somethings that are living today are, in large, categorized as Millennials, a term coined by Neil Howe and William Strauss in 1991. Each generation has distinct characteristics of the group of people born and raise during a set time period. The Greatest Generation (1901-1924) where the children of WWI and fighter in WWI and young in the Great Depression; which allowed them to be team players to overcome and push forward. The Silent Generation (1925-1945) are the children who grew up during the time where people worked hard and kept quiet. The Baby Boomers (1946-1964) were kids born after WWII tended to be “save-the-world” revolutionaries or party-hardy career climbers. Generation X (1965-1980) is also known as the “latch-key kids” referring…show more content…
They say that millennials are immature, yet what many people seem to forget is that everything that the generations have done has influenced the millennial generation to be the people they are. What makes the millennial generation different is that they grew up during the digital age. Growing up many kids played video games. These games gave the gamers constant feedback on how they performed and what they needed to do to get to the next level. Which is why many millennials look for the constant reassurance that what they are doing is the right thing. The games also held a common theme of the gamer being the one who was going to save the world. Making many millennials believe that they can be the one who can shake things up and change things. Chat rooms also changed the way communication was approached. Online chatrooms helped facilitate socializing one a larger level with people from various places. Which is probably why prejudices being lower than generations before. There was also Google. Google changed the way millennials approached problems as they no longer needed to seek the advice from someone more knowledgeable and wiser; they just needed to be able to pull up Google. Social media (Facebook) allowed people to connect with different people. As well as when the platform was created people looked for opportunities to be innovators. With social media many of those who partake are building a brand. This brand is mostly to show who these individuals are to the workforce. The economy many millennials grew up in was not as permissive as their parents. Therefore, the branding that many millennials have to edge the competition out. The competition is increasing each year as people are producing more work with the same, if not less, pay. So, what is a generation suppose to

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