Leininger's Theory Of Transcultural Nursing

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Diverse cultural (theory)
The evolution of transcultural in nursing beings when Leininger discovered a core concept of care during her early education and this concept had later become her inspiration to specialize in transcultural nursing exclusively. She described this concept as a fundamental nursing component based on her own experience and positive feedback from patients’. She mentioned that during her early days working in the child guidance home, she experienced a cultural shock, which eventually leading her to realize that lack of understanding concerning cultural diversity could explain persistent behavioral patterns in some children (Leininger, 1991).

She notices a major shortfall in understanding differential patient demands in the context of care and wellness. She stated that, the quality of nursing education suffered due to the absence of training in cultural diversity and as a result there is a disconnection between patient and nurse. The theories on transcultural nursing had identified problems in diverse cultural and shaped a new paradigm in nursing practice. Leininger had defined transcultural nursing as an area of study that focuses on comparative cultural care based on beliefs, values
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This model represents the structure of culture care theory by relating the connection between anthropological and nursing beliefs and principles. Nurses apply this model to practice when making cultural evaluations of patients. This model connects the concepts of the theory with actual clinical practice, and at the same time it offers a universal approach to recognize values, beliefs, behaviors and community traditions. Sunrise model encompasses multiple aspects of culture such as spiritual, financial, social, education, legal and theoretical dimensions. Together with these factors, language and social environment does extensively have an effect on the service delivered by healthcare

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