Theories Of Violence In Schools

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Violence in schools: Is there a solution?
1. Introduction
Schools in South Africa are not safe anymore and it is not necessarily outsiders that are the problem. Just like animals, humans use violence in fight or flight situations that they come across, however, violence has become a tool that humans use to manipulate and intimidate others. In this essay the barrier caused by violence in teaching-learning will be discussed and there will be focused on existentialism and the critical theory as possible solutions to these barriers. Existentialism is a philosophy that focuses on the human as an individual who determines his own development. The critical theory is a philosophy that focuses on how the system that you live in shapes you and how you can determine your own power as well as the power of others.
2. Main section
2.1 Violence in schools
Violence in schools appears in different shapes. Violence can be physical as well as emotional. It is also important to note that it is not only learners and outsiders that cause violence in schools, but teachers are also guilty most of the times. Bullying, sexual harassment and violence through the use of weapons are all examples of violence that are seen in schools daily.
One of the reasons for violence in schools is the occurrence of learners who does not have respect for teachers (Mncube & Steinmann, 2014:204). Consequently, most of these disrespectful learners will not be scared to make use of violence in the classroom so that they
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