Theories Of Why Hitler Hate Jews

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Background/General information of the Nazi Theories of why adolf hate the jews because the jews thought he couldn’t draw people on paintings and that ruined Adolf’s dream of becoming an artist. Also at WWI banks and large companies were controlled by jewish people. Hitler believed that the Jewish people had some conspiracy to control the world and that they would stab Germans in the back . Hitler and his soldiers believed the Jews are non-human in his eyes and thought jews were inferior to such as extent. He felt that he would be doing the world a favor by wiping out the Jewish race. ( According to the first paragraph from the article The Nazi Party was a far right political party in germany that was active between 1920-1945 and practiced the ideology of Nazism.’’ When and why did Hitler came to power?. It’s because after months of negotiations,the president of Germany, Hindenburg decided Hitler chancellor of Germany in a government supposedly dominated by conservatives on January 30,1933. The Nazi also carried out the Holocaust by them hiding away from the soldiers but the Nazi spread in Europe.Even some of the Nazi used jews as a labrotary experiment according to the video in class.…show more content…
Jews are made from scapegoats for all of Germany’s problems.’’Other Germans soldiers found it hard to accept the defeat of the German empire. From other anti semitism is the Nazis did not believe that all human life was sacred. Hitler said that all Germany’s problems had been caused by Jews.
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