Jesus's Two Natures

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The second person of the Holy Trinity, Jesus Christ, has two natures, human and divine, but they aren’t joined, instead they are separated in one body. Jesus Christ is not half God and half man. He is both plenary divine and man. He is God, second individual of the trinity, in living flesh. He is not a man who by causality had God inside him, nor is he a man who had the God principle. Jesus is undoubtedly the result of two distinct natures not combined but together in one body. “Jesus is the Word who was God and was with God and was made flesh” (Bible, John 1:1,14) “The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word.” (Bible, Heb. 1:3) Jesus has two natures, one of them…show more content…
The word heresy comes from the Greek word hairesis which means “choosing” or “faction”. Throughout the centuries, the church has faced heretics attacks but successfully fought them. There are different types of heresies the most known are Gnosticism, Docetism, Apollinarianism, Arianism and Monophysitism. The least known are Nestorianism, Macedonians, Dyophysite, Psilanthropism, Sabellianism, Adoptionism, Miaphysitism, Melchisedechianis, and Patripassianism. Gnosticism, heresy that has diverse beliefs about Jesus Christ. Comes from gnosis meaning “secret knowledge”. Irenaeus studied Gnostic writers from him we get most of the information known. Nag Hammadi was a town located in Upper Egypt near Chenoboskion, in this city it was found at the Nag Hammadi Library, in there were thirteen codices. Those thirteen codices were gnostic writings. Gnostics have a different type of belied about matter, humanity, salvation, God, The Fall, and Jesus Christ. Gnostics believed that matter is evil. According to Gnosticism, God initiates salvation because he wants to draw back the stray bits and pieces of himself, and so he sends forth an emanation of himself who comes down from heaven and gives an attempt to teach some of the "divine sparks of Spirit" what their identity is and where their real home lies. It is believed that God is wholly transcendent. That did not create the material universe because it was instead created by an evil or lesser God. God is thus too perfect and pure to have much to do with the evilness of the material universe. Gnostics believed that humans are sparks of the spiritual essence that God is, somehow trapped in our physical bodies. Gnostics rejected the idea of God becoming, dying and rising bodily. Most Gnostics believe that whoever entered Jesus at his baptism left him before he died on the
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