Theorizing Aldous Huxley's Essay: Noise Over Silence

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Why I choose Noise over Silence Theorizing Aldous Huxley implications on Silence and noise, from reading, gathering information. After careful reading, and processing what Aldous Huxley was saying, begins the argument for which states that seeing this from another point which leads to, Noise should not be considered “Endangered Spices”. The statement read from his theory. To understand more from his passage was more complex, but understandable on some points. If noise became non - existence, then we would cease to live as we should. Silence and noise are not endangered, it is controlled. We all have selective hearing when it comes to any kind of noise. Some prefer the peace and tranquility of a serene place, where the mind can meditate. Some prefer the noise that…show more content…
Considering the state of mind, one is in, what the person is thinking, and the type of noise being selectively chosen. May noise level be loud, melancholy, but not endangered? Everyone has developed noise verses silence within themselves. Specifically speaking directly on the topic of silent noise. That comes from being tranquil. Peaceful, calming, relaxing, but yet there are still noises, not so disturbing, or distracting. Science shows different levels of noise affecting people. Considering that mostly how your way of living also plays a major part in our lives with noise. Residing in New York, to re-locate to a much serene place, would be considered noise pollution reduction. Not endangered. Noise will forever be here. Selectively choose, the serenity, or as Aldous Huxley puts it: “… [Noise] is the principal cause of suffering and wrong-doing and the greatest obstacle between the human soul and its Divine Ground.” It’s a known and actual fact that noise is not an endangered species proven every day. The world relies on all substances of noise. Noises

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