Theory 1: Ecological Systems Theory

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You Choose Theory 1: Ecological Systems Theory
Which part of Shawn’s development does this theory explain:
I feel that this theory applies to Shawn’s life for many of the reasons outlined by Bronfenbrenner. He noted that a child’s development is heavily influenced by his family, school and peers. From his family, Shawn got the idea that it is okay to give up and abandon, mostly from his father (Exosystem). From school he got the idea that he is a failure (Meso System). From peers Shawn got his attitude that girls as bad that math (Micro System).

You Choose Theory 2: Behavioral theory
Which part of Shawn’s development does this theory explain:
As described by Skinner, Shawn uses increasing avoidance to “get away” from difficult situation, as his father did by moving back to Arkansas when he lost his job, due to his alcohol use. Children need social building and reinforcement in order to build skills. When Shawn starting having a hard time with his school work, instead of paying attention in class or asking for help, he looked up Arkansas on Google. As written directly in the theory, his current situation can be connected back to his life experiences and the way that he was shaped by them.
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While playing video games, he is able to avoid, and to an extent forget about the problems with his parents, how kids at school treat him and how the teachers and his course load makes him feel. Bandura believed that children base their behaviors on observations, I feel that Shawn’s propensity for avoiding conflict is caused by the behaviors of his father, that he has observed.

Your Task B: Use Theories to Help

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