Theory Howard Gardner's Theory Of Multiple Intelligences

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How We Learn
Multiple Intelligences (M.I) was a theory Howard Gardner developed in 1983. This is a theory of intelligences were a good way to explain the different ways that people learn. This theory explains how people learn and others learn in different ways. Intelligence is the ability to understand, learn and problem solve or creativity that are valued within one or more cultural settings”. Gardner found that there are eight intelligences and could possibly be more.

Howard Gardner attended the University of Harvard, he was originally going to study history. After he attended a year at London school of economics. He started Harvard’s developmental psychology doctoral program in 1966 and became part of the Project Zero research team (a long-term study of human intellectual and creative development). His interest in human cognition was influenced by his tutor Erik Erikson. (Butler-Bowdon, 50 Psychology Classics, November 16, 2006) Through his research, he found that there are eight different intelligences or ways in which people learn. Gardner is currently Hobbs professor of cognition, co- director of Harvard’s Project Zero. He has received many honorary awards and degrees. He has written many books, including the unschooled mind; how children think and how schools should teach (1991), The Disciplined Mind: Beyond facts and standardized tests (1999). Will we continue to be measured by “IQ”, or will Gardner’s ideas takeover current systems of intelligence testing, such as
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