Marginalization Of Immigrants

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Two important frameworks were used to provide guidance for the research and to define the direction of the empirical study. These include the theory of acculturation which also includes the question of possible marginalization of young immigrants. The conceptual framework has to do with the concept of generation which researchers have shown that it needs reconsideration due to increasing mobility in world that continues to undergo globalization. The significance of providing a theoretical perspective for a study has been emphasized by Bak (2004) that they have the capacity to offer some level of bonding for the study and has the capacity to establish a firm boundary within which the research could be explicated. The need for a theoretical perspective…show more content…
When the group who forms the minority in a society interacts with the dominant group and become reluctant to maintain or preserve their unique cultural differences while they sought for daily interaction with the other culture, the situation will be described as one of a cultural assimilation, where the less dominant cultural group is absorbed by the dominant group. The concept of separation occurs when the less dominant is unwilling to give up her cultural identity and continues to avoid interaction with the other culture in the society (Berry, 1997, p.14). Cultural integration occurs when the less dominant culture seeks to maintain their cultural elements either material or non-material, while they continue to interact with members making up the larger cultural composition on daily…show more content…
Marginalization occurs when members of the lesser cultural grouping are unwilling to stick to its unique cultural differences and also do not want to have any relationship in terms of interaction with the other members of the society as well. Berry’s position that the issue of acculturation and the shape and form it takes is based on choices made by the individual or members of the less dominant group could not be true in all cases and for that matter, his position is contestable . Two examples from Europe would help explicate this opposition to the claim being made by Berry. Firstly, Finland has a strong policy on immigration and also well carved out policies on how immigrants should be integrated into the larger Finnish society while they maintain their language and cultural integrity. However, the case in France is purely structured on what is known as the “melting pot” ideology which is framed on cultural assimilation (Lesaout & Kaddri, 2002, p.

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