Theory Of Expectancy Theory

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Sone pyae toe (5701501026) The theory can be summarized to as a cognitive process of how an individual process the different motivational elements. Expectancy Theory provides an explanation of why individuals choose one behavioral option over others. The idea with this theory is that people are motivated to do something because they think their actions will lead to their desired outcome. In simple terms, it’s about how a person will react to different situations as they think their decision will lead them to their desired outcomes. Thus, in my humble effort I tried to break it down into flow steps. • A person act or behave in a particular way • With supporting motives and circumstances. • Since they expect differently to differently circumstance…show more content…
In my humble opinion, the study’s ultimate goals is to study the nature of the group mindset, understand and read the power flow (how a decision is made and directed) in the society and finding out the triggers in order to excites the group dynamic. To excite the dynamic is important since directing group’s powers can lead to group success. Learning the nature of things is all about trying to understand the core in a sample group. After an insightful study and the result can be repeated in the small sample, the next step is to examine the result in a larger sample groups. Corrections can be made in larger sample study. Once, the study is successful in a larger group, the study method is validated with formulas and used as forecasting tools to predict the future pattern. In this case, we can see how an employee will react accordingly to specific motives thinking their decision can lead them to their destinations. By learning how a sample groups of peoples react to specific motives can lead to a greater understanding of how to steer the organization itself. This method given above is my logical speculations and in reality the study itself will be more complex and…show more content…
HR department and employee specialist develop a strategy to attract candidates with criteria, expertise in the field and the interest the organizations needs. n this preparation we can see the creation of motives and circumstance in order to driver the outcome to their favors. Interview Techniques Interviewers had developed a set of questions to see how potential applicant will react to particular workplace situations. Thus, they create their interview questions based on the type of response they expect from applicants, which in turn, makes the hiring decision a logical and well-documented one. Expectancy theory is obvious during many interviews and from both sides. Candidates study the organization’s profile, background and other related information in order to impress upon their presentation skills with the expectation that they will create a good first impression to the company's hiring manager enough that he/she will sent an offer another interview or another position offer. Employee

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