Theory Of Quantum Leadership

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I found this week’s modules and reading assignments incredibly helpful and highly motivating. Numerous concepts struck me as innovative and wise, and I can honestly say that I anticipate being able to implement the various methods and styles of effective leadership delineated in the course material. In particular, I am drawn to Transformational Leadership as well as the Theory of Quantum Leadership, the latter being an entirely new concept to me. Introduced in the 1990s, the Theory of Quantum Leadership posits that effective leaders realize the inevitability and constancy of change, collaborate with subordinates in the identification and realization of both goals and opportunities, and empower those around them to be effective and productive.…show more content…
Before reacting verbally or non-verbally, I would pause to consider the facts of what is being presented and what the impact of such a change would entail. Next, I would recall the five domains of emotional intelligence outlined in Leading Change with Emotional Intelligence by Anne Foltin and Ronald Keller (2012) and would begin I would assess my personal feelings about the situation, ensuring that I possess self-awareness of any feelings or bias I possess. After identifying my own feelings about the situation, I would employ self-regulation by curtailing any personal responses I feel towards the change. I would summon the motivation to approach the situation objectively, attempting to identify strategies that would assist me and the staff in adapting to the crisis. I would contemplate the best approach for sharing the news with the staff, taking care to present it in a way that demonstrates empathy and social…show more content…
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